What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient practice that uses movement, breath and mindfulness to promote self-healing as well as to strengthen and balance the mind and body. It has been practised for thousands of years, and its health benefits are widely recognised. Qigong – which is pronounced chee-gung – differs from other forms of exercise because it […]

Mindful Eating: What Is It & How Does It Help?

When was the last time you sat down at a table and had a meal without being in a rush or glancing at a screen? We are notoriously busy and short on time. Many of us eat on the go, in the car or have lunch at our desk. Relaxing in the evening often means […]

45 Top Immune System Booster Foods

Can you boost your immune system with certain foods? And if so, what foods boost your immune system the most? This blog post is packed with tips, facts and background info that might surprise you and will hopefully help you to support your body through the cold and flu season. When it comes to the […]

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

The darker and colder months of the year offer an incredible opportunity to improve or strengthen your mental (and physical) health: cold water swimming! Due to its many benefits, cold water swimming has become somewhat of a trend over the recent years that is rapidly gaining more and more followers. There are thousands of personal […]

Recovering from Cancer Treatments

Europe comprises only one-eighth of the total world population but has around one-quarter of the global total of cancer cases with some 3.7 million new patients per year, according to WHO Europe. Although these numbers are scary, in Europe there have been continuous increases in 5-year survival rates for the most common cancer types in […]

Chef Rui Cerveira: Bringing Healthy, Local, Zero-Waste Meals to New Life Portugal

Living in a mindful community doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about our stomachs! In fact, everyday activities like eating and drinking offer the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness.  A great example is Thich Nhat Hanh’s famous tea meditation. By focusing completely on the seemingly simple act of pouring and savouring a cup of tea, our […]

What is Resilience, Why It Matters, and How to Build Yours Up

Sometime over the past eighteen months, as friends, colleagues, and clients coped with what the world served up in the form of pandemic fears, climate change, and geopolitical turmoil, as well as garden-variety relationship problems, burnout, and disillusionment, I noticed that we weren’t asking, Is your glass half-full or half-empty? anymore. Instead, everyone’s glass seemed […]

Your Guide to Health and Wellness Retreats

You need a break. Your know your body and mind need to recharge from the stress, pressure and obligations of your day to day life. A change of scenery is in order. You want to get away from it all for a while. What is the best option to nurture and nourish yourself, though? Will […]

Shinrin-yoku: What is forest bathing?

It’s an understatement to say that the world of wellbeing has exploded in recent years. As more and more of us have become acutely concerned with our physical, mental and emotional health, a huge influx of new or borrowed wellbeing practices from all corners of the world have entered the mainstream. Some people have taken […]