Why you want to start your Personal Growth Journey with Self-Acceptance

Have we all fallen for a lie when it comes to personal growth? We get taught from a very young age and society almost demands that we continuously strive to become the best version of ourselves. We need to be more productive, successful, resilient, beautiful, compassionate, healthier, fitter, wealthier… Companies – first and foremost through […]

How to forgive yourself and why it is so important

How many major regrets are you carrying inside of you just now? Have you ever hurt another person with your actions and you sincerely wish you hadn’t? Ever been stuck with knots in your stomach, feeling guilty and ashamed for screwing up big time? We have all been there at one or several points in […]

Digital Detox for Your Mental Wellbeing

What sort of relationship do you have with your smartphone? Chances are that it’s a more intimate one than you have with your spouse or your best friend. Most of us use our phones as alarms, cameras, newspapers and maps (they know where we go and when), for shopping, watching clips, series or movies, and […]

How to recover from Emotional Trauma

One could easily write three books on “How to Recover from Emotional Trauma” and still not do the complexity of the topic justice. So, we won’t claim that this blog post has all the answers you might be looking for. It is merely meant as an introduction, a first overview of what emotional trauma is […]

How to Stop Overthinking

If you have found this blog post, the chances are high that you get caught up in your head a lot. You will probably only know all too well what it’s like to be paralysed and exhausted by overthinking things. Welcome to the club! You are not alone. Overthinking is something we all do from […]

The Shadow Side of Positive Affirmations

Is changing your mindset and improving your outlook on life really as easy as repeating a specific sentence 50 or 100 times a day until you believe it? Positive affirmations aren’t a New Age fad. They’ve been promoted as a powerful self-help practice for over a century now and made some motivational speakers very rich. […]

How Writing a Daily Gratitude List Will Change Your Life

What was the last thing or situation you had a moan about? And what happened or what did you experience this week that filled you with a sense of deep gratitude? Most of us will be able to answer the first question without having to think too hard and would need at least a moment […]