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Reach your wellbeing goals with a research-based program personalised to your needs. Enjoy a mindfully refreshing getaway, plan a recharging and inspiring holiday, or spend a full month resting and healing. Make the most of your time with a wide range of therapeutic elements rarely found all in one place, including meditation, yoga, mindfulness, counselling, life coaching, somatic practices, workshops, retreats, nature excursions, outdoor activities, wellness facilities, healthy meals, and a supportive community.

Anxiety + Depression Recovery

Are you often overwhelmed by fear or panic? Do you struggle with a low mood or persistent feelings of sadness? Get back to enjoying life again with the help of targeted sessions with your own counsellor and our carefully designed emotional support program.

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Life Transitions + Grief

Change is inevitable. Some things can affect us more than others, like the death of a loved one, a relationship breakdown, a big move, or career shift. We help you get through your challenging transition with kindness, compassion, and the resources you need for your next steps.

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Personal Development + Wellbeing

Work-life balance. Fulfilling relationships. A meaningful way to make a living. Self-care and nourishment. The confidence to pursue your passions. No matter what your goals are, we help you focus on where you want to be and building the skills for getting there.

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Pre-Addiction + Addiction Aftercare

Concerned about your approach to substances, devices, or relationships? Need help maintaining your sobriety? Our skilled professionals can help you establish mindful habits, understand the causes of your behaviours, and practice relapse-prevention strategies for daily life.

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Rest + Relaxation

Experience a resort holiday with a difference. Join in group yoga, meditation, and mindfulness sessions, explore the spectacular Portuguese mountains, and join fun and restorative community activities. Head home feeling truly rejuvenated.

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Stress + Burnout Recovery

Have work and life pressures left you feeling exhausted and depleted? Do you spend all your time looking after others but never yourself? We help you get some breathing space, identify changes you need to make, and create a sustainable plan so you never reach breaking point again.

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