Struggling with grief or a major life change?

You’re not alone. We help you face this difficult time in your life with sensitivity, compassion, and professional expertise.

How do we adjust to loss or transitions?

Life transitions are part of being human. Some have a bigger and more painful impact on us than others. Moving house, changing careers, losing a job, becoming a parent, a severe illness or accident, the end of a relationship, or the death of a loved one are all events that can profoundly affect on our lives.

These challenging experiences can bring up difficult thoughts and emotions. You may resist and reject the change in your life. You may feel stuck because the old normal doesn’t exist anymore but you’re unable to find a way to adjust to the new reality. What’s important is to create space and pay attention. How do you feel? In what ways does the major change you’re experiencing affect your relationship with yourself, others, and the world?

Get in touch to find out how our highly trained team and research-based program can help get you through your time of upheaval, so you can a hopeful new beginning.


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Sarah found it hard to take time out and focus on herself. Away from the distraction of screens and devices and no longer stuck in the past or projecting into the future, she discovered peace and happiness through connecting with nature and simply being present.

Which Path is Right for You?

Our Resilience Path

Our professional, trauma-informed counsellors support you through this challenging time in your life with intensive one-on-one sessions and group workshops. We help you process your emotions with gentleness and self-compassion and support you as you make meaning of your experience, so that you can move forward with optimism for the future.

Our Wellness Path

Has a transition or loss left you unable to find your bearings? Reconnect with your sense of purpose with one-on-one sessions with our skilled life coaches and somatic practice specialists, invigorating outdoor activities, and restorative mindfulness and body-centred activities. We help you create a customised action plan and guide you towards reaching your goals.

Our Rest + Rejuvenate Path

Time has passed but some days are still difficult, like a birthday, or the anniversary of your loss. Or perhaps you’ve been making big decisions and major adjustments and need a break from the pressure. Get the breathing space you need with group mindfulness, meditation, and yoga sessions, massage and relaxation, and plenty of quiet time for reflection surrounded by nature.

How can New Life help?

I went through a difficult time in my life over the last 12 months, and I needed a break, to have the opportunity to process everything. I am so pleased that I chose to come here. The place is a paradise, the views are amazing, the facilities are fantastic. But what really makes this place special is the community.