Feeling stressed and burned out?

We’re here for you. Take your first steps to a healthier, more balanced and joyful life with our research-based recovery program.

What are stress and burnout?

Stress is a normal and healthy response to threats and danger. Our body has a survival system that kickstarts the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These allow us to be fully alert and deal with whatever threat or danger we’re facing.

Stress is caused by pressure. When your nervous system perceives everyday pressures – professional, social, or otherwise – as stressful, this can lead you to operate in constant survival mode. If the stress becomes chronic it takes a toll on your physical and mental health. It begins making you sick instead of helping you stay alive.

Have you noticed your overall wellbeing decreasing significantly? Do you feel drained and emotionally exhausted? Have your outlook on life and feelings about the future become negative? Do you feel unproductive and even dread what you used to enjoy? These are all signs you’re suffering from severe stress. If it becomes too much to handle and you can’t cope anymore, it’s called ‘burnout’.


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Linda felt lost and exhausted. She no longer knew who to trust. At New Life, she found support and full acceptance, discovered a true sense of belonging, and reconnected with her authentic self.

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Suad pretended everything was fine, but inside she was overwhelmed and struggling. She reached out to New Life for help and was finally able to speak her truth, build genuine relationships, and enjoy ‘just being’.

Which Path is Right for You?

Our Resilience Path

Address the deeper causes underlying your stress or burnout with personalised sessions with a professional counsellor. Join group activities based on relaxation, mindfulness, and self-development designed to support your innate ability to heal. We help you repair the damage of being overly depleted and work with you to create a sustainable wellbeing plan.

Our Wellness Path

Is chronic stress affecting your wellbeing? Do you feel close to burnout? Restore your inner balance through our evidence-based program for replenishing your physical and mental resources. Group workshops and one-on-one sessions with our life coaches and somatic practitioners guide you towards creating healthy new habits and boundaries, so you can rediscover your spark.

Our Rest + Rejuvenate Path

Take time out from your demanding lifestyle, avoid potential burnout, and give yourself a refreshing boost. Focus on your body and mind and discover new ways of reconnecting to the world around you. Enjoy our luxurious facilities and spectacular views and feel the stress melt away as you prioritise your wellbeing with a mindful vacation.

How can New Life help?

I was only planning to stay here for a week, and I never expected to be immersed so quickly. So much of that is the community aspect, it was like a giant hug when I got here. My only regret is not staying longer! It was the perfect pause in my life that I needed.