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Specialized in Executive Coaching, Transformational Inspirational and Compassionate Leadership, Career Management, Quantum Intelligence, Mindset Changers and Meditation.

Stijn Staes
Executive Coach – Trusted Advisor – Podcaster

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Vaddenhoek 91, 9700 Oudenaarde-Mullem, Belgium

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Stepping out with Stijn Staes – BENELUX

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Karin and Stijn are both passionate about personal development and leadership.Since the first days of there careers they have followed numerous trainings in personal development, careermanagement, mindset and leadership development. Previously working as executive leaders in corporate and international organizations they are perfectly aligned to give you an experience that will transform you. Not only your professional career will raise to a new standard, new doors for your personal life will be opened.

They are specialized in transforming mindset and eliminating hindering behaviours to become succesfull leaders or highly performing professionals. Karin and Stijn organise key-notes, workshops and retreats where you explore your hidden talents and qualities to obtain maximum results.

You can find there work through Karin’s book: ‘Become the CEO of your life’ and Stijn’s Podcast on inspirational leadership: Studio Stijn or on Stijn’s website and on their LinkedIn pages.

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