Wellness Path

Reconnect with yourself & your inner spark

Rediscover your sense of joy and purpose in the mountains and valleys of the Serra da Estrela.

Life can leave us feeling isolated, depleted, and burned out.

Juggling competing obligations, work, and personal life makes unprecedented demands of us. Often, these everyday mental and emotional stresses are felt in our body and mind.

When you’re feeling out of balance and realise that something needs to change, some time for self-care and restoring your inner resources could be just what you need.

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For 12 years...

we’ve hosted more than 4000 people looking to make a change in their daily lives.

In our location in the stunning mountains of the Serra da Estrela, you can take advantage of the healing powers of nature and our carefully designed program in a retreat-like setting.

Connect to holistic wellbeing in nature and community

New Life Portugal provided a much welcomed pause button to my hectic everyday life. Having breakfast whilst taking in the beautiful views and peaceful surroundings puts everything in perspective. The staff was super professional and friendly, and I really enjoyed the healthy, organic meals. The morning meditation class was led by an expert, and the evening life sharing sessions brought the group much closer together.


What’s included in our Wellness Path:

Further personalise your stay with custom options from our Wellness Menu, such as small group wellness sessions, massage therapy, or cultural excursions. Click HERE for our Wellness Menu.

Learn more about our centre & unique approach

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Get a bird’s eye view of our charming quintas, stunning meditation hall, modern facilities, and the surrounding UNESCO geopark.

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What makes New Life special? Learn about our carefully designed programs, friendly community, breathtaking location, and more.

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Maria joined our Wellness Path for two weeks. She loved the food, the community, and the setting. Watch to see how she felt when she left.

Wellness Path

Reconnect with yourself
per night
  • Minimum Stay 14 nights

Wellness Menu

Feel like indulging in a massage? Want to make the most of your time with us by adding extra sessions? Our custom options are ideal if there are any special areas you’d like to focus on, or if you’d like to fit more activities into your wellness retreat with us. Please enquire about cost and availability.

Small Group Wellness Sessions

A range of Small Group Yoga, Mindful Fitness, Breathwork and Mindfulness Sessions

Meditation Orientation

In a private session with our experienced meditation teacher, you’ll have one-on-one time to ask questions or receive guidance on how to improve your practice. You can also choose a specific exercise to work on, or study topics relating to mindfulness and meditation that you have a particular interest in. It’s an excellent way to enhance your progress and gain the full benefits that mindfulness and meditation can bring to your life.

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement can be excellent for easing tension or pain. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. Book private sessions with our body-mind teachers specialising in qigong, yoga therapy, and breathwork. Depending on your needs, choose specific themes and practices to work on for effectively targeted relief.

Massage Sessions

Let your worries melt away. Soothe aches and pains. We work with different specialised professionals who offer full body therapeutic or relaxing massage, Swedish massage, sound massage, and acupuncture. With our skilled massage therapists, you’ll be able to give yourself the permission you need to truly unwind.


We feature regular psycho-educational and body-mind workshops as part of our weekly program. Feel free to add optional workshops to your program path for a more intensive experience of exploration and growth. On weekends we may also have additional workshops with invited teachers. Just share your interests with us and we’ll happily let you know what’s on.


We offer weekend and one-day retreats with our resident and guest teachers based on various themes, including meditation, yoga, dance, coaching, and noble silence. If there’s something specific you’d like to work on, feel free to design your own retreat experience with our Meditation Teacher or Program Manager.

Nature Activities

Nature is a very important healing component of our program. Participate in a forest bath or mindful walk experience, sit on our contemplative benches, and listen to the surrounding sound of birds and streams. It sounds simple but you’ll be amazed at how calm, rested, and at peace you’ll feel by connecting with the natural environment around us.

Outdoor Activities

Our centre is located in the stunning Serra da Estrela natural park, which features hundreds of walking and cycling trails. Ask us about the menu of hikes (with maps in Alltrails) and bike trails (GPS) that you can do on your own. You can also join the weekly scheduled group activity if you feel like some company and good conversation as you explore.

Day Trips and Excursions

Central Portugal offers so many options that it’s sometimes difficult to choose what activity to do. We’re fortunate enough to be situated in a mountain region rich with history. Join a trip guided by local experts and explore fascinating cities and villages located nearby such as Gouveia, Seia, Celorico da Beira, Linhares, and Folgosinho.

Cultural Experiences

Make your visit even fuller by connecting with the local culture. Participate in seasonal activities such as the shepherds’ summer festivities, cheese and chestnut festivals, cherry tree blooming, mushroom hunting, and more. You’ll learn about the region, make friends - and have lots of fun.

Experience the profound benefits of reconnecting to your true self in the moment:

Mental & physical resilience

Engaging in holistic self-care allows you to better negotiate inevitable challenges

New skills

Develop essential mindfulness skills with which to navigate daily life


Feel energised after two weeks of healthy whole foods and fresh mountain air

Inner peace

Stop and breathe in natural surroundings, reconnecting to yourself and the world around you


Build a new relationship with your daily life using valuable lessons from our community-based program

Plan your stay with us in the mountains of Serra da Estrela now:

Find new vitality in three easy steps:


Book your visit

Fill out our confidential booking form. We'll ask you a few questions to get to know you and make sure the Wellness Path at New Life is the right place for you.


Travel to the Serra da Estrela

After booking, you’ll receive an information pack with all you need to know about transport, including our low-cost shuttle from Porto airport, and what to expect from your stay with us.


Reconnect & restore your energy

Take these two weeks as an opportunity to realign and learn new skills for self-care. We promise you’ll return to daily life restored and armed with essential self-care tools. Feel like you need more time? You can always add on a few more nights.

Wellness Path

Reconnect with yourself
per night
  • Minimum Stay 14 nights