Social Initiatives

Scholarship fund: making health and wellbeing more accessible

We think that everyone should be able to get the support they need when going through challenging times, or if they wish to learn more about taking better care of themselves, finding balance in their lives, or maintaining healthy relationships.

That’s why we’re setting up a scholarship fund for individuals in need of financial assistance.

When the fund is up and running, it will be possible to apply for full and partial scholarships, depending on need.

Our goal is to offer wellness for everyone who needs it – not just the privileged few.

Your contribution, whether through participating in our programs or through direct donations, helps us to realise this vision.

Supporting regional culture, livelihoods, and businesses

New Life Portugal was established with support from generous sponsors and loans from the Tourism Authority of Portugal and the Portugal 2020 program.

We are proud to be ambassadors for the region and excited to share the identity, traditions, and heritage of the Serra Da Estrela with our guests.

We are also grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the local economy by providing internship and employment opportunities, and through partnering and sharing knowledge with small businesses in the surrounding community, especially in the tourism, hospitality, and agricultural fields.

Conservation, education, and sustainability

We are dedicated to conserving and promoting biodiversity in the Serra Da Estrela natural park.

One way we do this is through the restoration of indigenous trees, shrubs, and flowers on our property with the guidance of scientific experts.

Another initiative is to provide training and education to our staff and guests on environmental and ecological issues.

The problem of devastating forest fires is something that central Portugal has faced in recent years due to the abandonment of rural properties due to emigration.

We hope to contribute to the solution by helping to enliven the local economy with our activities and creating greater awareness of the issues involved.

Staff wellbeing and nourishing work environment

Compassion, support, and self-care are pillars of our programs, but is this reflected in our organisation and work environment?

How do we address stress and burnout, the very issues that you come to us to recover from?

Our vision for staff wellbeing includes policies for ensuring fairness, inclusion, and transparency.

We recognise the impact of ‘emotional labour’ on our staff and incorporate a ‘trauma-informed’ lens in our programming and services to ensure safety and sustainable wellbeing for the whole community.

We provide opportunities for professional growth and are committed to paying a living wage, even if this makes our operational expenses considerably higher.

Our goal is to create a nourishing work environment and set a new standard for what it means to be an ethical, meaningful workplace.