The beauty of Portugal

Enjoy the local culture and discover what Portugal has to offer. Learn more about the towns in the area and the wonderful nature.

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Cultural embraces

Serra Da Estrela Natural Park

This is Portugal’s largest natural conservation area, covering 1,000 km2.

Covão d’Ametade

A spectacular scenic spot at the beginning of the Zêzere glacial valley.

Covão dos Conchos

A lagoon containing a bell-mouth spillway connecting two lakes, the Lagoa da Serra Estrela and Lagoa Comprida.

Vale Glaciar do Zêzere

A stunning U-shaped glacial valley near Manteigas with unique geological characteristics. One of the largest glacial valleys in Europe.

Discover villages

Participants will visit sites such as the villages of Melo, Folgosinho, and Linhares de Beira. Excursions will be led by a knowledgeable trained guide from the local area.

Explore neighbourhood

Visit sites, neighbourhoods, villages and museums in Gouveia.
All cultural activities at New Life Portugal result in memories for life.

Other activities

We do not only offer cultural activities, but also sports, activities in nature, creative activities and activities with food and animals.

The beauty of different cultures

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