Get help for addiction issues and sobriety

Be supported as you continue working on your recovery, learn relapse prevention skills, or address concerning behaviours that may lead to addiction.

What are pre-addiction and addiction aftercare and who are they for?

You have struggled with addiction in the past but you’ve started your recovery journey and worked hard to shift out-of-control behaviours through inpatient or outpatient treatment. Or perhaps you already have a period of sobriety under your belt and are looking for support. 

Alternatively, you may be struggling with behaviours that feel close to becoming addictive habits and would like help addressing these issues. Substance misuse is one of the most common challenges, but other areas where addiction can become a problem include relationships, gambling, social media, and devices.

Get in touch to find out we can help you work on relapse prevention or letting go of harmful habits by uncovering the causes motivating your behaviour, learning about different resources, and acquiring new tools. 


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Josh felt lost, exhausted, and hopeless. He also suffered from burnout. For the longest time he didn’t realise he needed help. At New Life he learned to appreciate life again and discovered real happiness that comes from within.

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Feeling alone and scared, Riss struggled with self-hatred. At New Life she confronted her fears, discovered who she was beyond her addiction, and found strength in meaningful connections and learning to ask for help.

Which Path is Right for You?

Our Resilience Path

Be supported by our professional counsellors, consolidate progress made in primary treatment, and heal body and mind with restorative somatic and contemplative practices. Take the time you need for your best chance at recovery and benefit from therapeutic modalities informed by the latest developments in wellbeing, addiction, and mindfulness.

Our Wellness Path

Continue the sobriety work you’ve already done or address areas in your life that need attention with one-on-one life coaching and somatic therapy, group workshops, and nature expeditions. Restore your inner balance with a wide array of tools and resources. Achieve your personal goals with a customised plan and a newfound feeling of inspiration.

Our Rest + Rejuvenate Path

Refresh your relapse prevention skills, connect with like-minded people, and find strength in sharing your experience in a relaxing and tranquil environment. Give yourself more than just a typical vacation by nurturing your wellbeing through group yoga, meditation, and mindfulness sessions, therapeutic massage, being immersed in nature, and healthy whole foods.

How can New Life help?

I felt helpless, I felt lost, I didn’t a find reason to live, and what new life gave me was slowing down, and being able to feel. Help is out there. It’s not easy to find it, it takes courage to accept it. Pain is here to teach us something.