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Burnout Recovery

28+ nights

Burnout goes beyond a mere dip in enthusiasm; it represents a profound erosion of well-being.

Stemming from chronic stress and prolonged over-work, burnout manifests as exhaustion and disillusionment across professional and personal domains.Symptoms include negativity, extreme fatigue, impaired concentration, diminished job satisfaction, reduced performance, sleep disturbances, and social withdrawal.

Recognising these signs and taking proactive steps, such as seeking support, mindfulness practices, setting boundaries, and prioritising self-care, are essential in embarking on the journey toward burnout recovery
Main benefits

Reclaim energy and enthusiasm

Cultivate a renewed sense of purpose

Develop coping strategies to manage and alleviate symptoms of burnout

Restore work-life balance and prevent future instances of burnout

Enhance productivity, focus, and creativity

Strengthen resilience to cope with stressors and challenges

Foster a supportive community that understands and empathises

Pathway Highlights

Foster a supportive community that understands and empathises.

Explore mindfulness practices to alleviate stress, increase self-awareness, and promote well-being.

Learn techniques to set boundaries, prioritise self-care, and manage workload effectively.

Engage in activities that promote relaxation, revitalisation, and overall well-being.

Connect with peers and professionals who offer support, encouragement, and practical guidance in navigating burnout recovery.

Begin your transformational journey

Burnout Recovery pathway
A journey that goes far beyond a typical relaxing vacation or retreat.
Total price*

€ 8946

Includes your accommodation, all meals and participation in all sessions, workshops and classes we organise.
** minimum 28 nights commitment needed,
to help you gather long lasting well being
This therapeutic pathways is meticulously crafted to offer a profound exploration of mindfulness, self-discovery, and long lasting well-being.
An international team of specialists at New Life Portugal collaborates to curate personalised therapeutic care pathways that address your specific needs and goals.
We understand that each individual journey is unique, often driven by specific personal needs and aspirations. Guests come to us seeking more than just a getaway or retreat; they seek a real, long lasting, transformative experience.
We combine the benefits of meditation, yoga, and nature immersion with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and counselling to address your specific physical and emotional needs.
Fully guided and Research-driven


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