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Depression Recovery

28+ nights

Depression is a pervasive emotional state that extends beyond the realms of temporary sadness.

It’s like navigating through a heavy fog that clouds both mind, body and spirit. Individuals experiencing depression often experience persistent feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, and a diminished interest in activities once found enjoyable. Imagine it as a weight on the chest, making even the simplest tasks feel overwhelming.

Depression isn’t a mere passing mood but a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. At its mildest, depression can make you feel persistently down or in a low mood, but severe depression can make you feel suicidal. Seeking understanding and support is pivotal in managing depression
Main benefits

Develop coping strategies to manage symptoms

Cultivate a deeper understanding of depression

Rediscover a sense of purpose and meaning

Build inner resilience and strength

Receive support and guidance from a compassionate and experienced team

Connect with others who understand and empathise with your experience of depression

Pathway Highlights

Participate in therapy sessions tailored to address the unique challenges and symptoms of depression.

Engage in evidence-based interventions such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to challenge negative thought patterns.

Explore holistic approaches to depression recovery, including lifestyle changes, exercise, and nutrition.

Connect with peers in a supportive group setting to share experiences and provide mutual support.

Receive ongoing support and guidance from a dedicated team committed to your well-being and recovery journey

Begin your transformational journey

Depression Recovery pathway
A journey that goes far beyond a typical relaxing vacation or retreat.
Total price*

€ 8946

Includes your accommodation, all meals and participation in all sessions, workshops and classes we organise.
** minimum 28 nights commitment needed,
to help you gather long lasting well being
This therapeutic pathways is meticulously crafted to offer a profound exploration of mindfulness, self-discovery, and long lasting well-being.
An international team of specialists at New Life Portugal collaborates to curate personalised therapeutic care pathways that address your specific needs and goals.
We understand that each individual journey is unique, often driven by specific personal needs and aspirations. Guests come to us seeking more than just a getaway or retreat; they seek a real, long lasting, transformative experience.
We combine the benefits of meditation, yoga, and nature immersion with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and counselling to address your specific physical and emotional needs.
Fully guided and Research-driven


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At New Life Portugal we love to listen and learn from the people who made their journey with us. Each person and story is unique, some of them love to share their experience.

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