A diverse option

Just be Here

For those seeking a complete disconnection from their busy lives

Together with our team, you’ll customise your stay to your needs. This can include yoga, meditation, workshops, counseling, therapy, wellness treatments like massages, and more.

Giving you the autonomy to tailor your experience according to your preferences or needs while enjoying our nature surroundings and options to self explore the mountain and reconnect with yourself.

Your choice, your pace

Although we only provide therapeutic- based pathways marked as ‘mandatory to choose,’ we also offer this diverse option while still maintaining our core values.

Add all sorts of a la carte options to your stay, like …

*Please note that a range of our workshops and sessions are exclusive to our therapeutic pathways.

You are looking for

Flexibility and personalisation take precedence

*minimum stay 2 nights – maximum stay 6 nights.
As from 7 nights a Therapeutic Pathway choice is mandatory

What’s included

Important to know and understand

Our Just be Here option is designed for those who are looking for some me-time, self-reflection, … this option is not suitable for those who are in need of guided support.

We cannot allow people to choose this option who are identified with a specific condition.

A diverse option

Just be Here

Shape according to your unique preferences
Starting from

€ 205

/ per night
*minimum stay 2 nights - maximum stay 6 nights