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Anxiety Recovery

14+ nights

Anxiety, an ever-present undercurrent in daily life, manifests as an uneasy feeling in the stomach and relentless racing thoughts.

Unlike stress, anxiety lacks a specific trigger, leading to a pervasive sense of apprehension and anguish. Physical symptoms, such as a racing heart and tense muscles, accompany the constant mental turmoil. In severe cases, anxiety can become debilitating, with symptoms ranging from physical sensations like tingling to psychological fears and avoidance behaviors.

Despite its challenges, understanding and acknowledging anxiety are essential steps toward managing its impact. Through therapy, mindfulness practices, and supportive communities, individuals can find relief from the grip of anxiety and reclaim a sense of calm and balance.
Main benefits

Understand and address the root causes

Cultivate a sense of inner tranquillity

Develop personalised coping mechanisms

Regain awareness over racing thoughts

Build resilience to navigate daily challenges

Experience a supportive community that understands and empathises

Foster holistic well-being by integrating therapy, mindfulness, ...

Pathway Highlights

Participate in therapy sessions focused on under-standing and managing the underlying causes of anxiety.

Engage in mindfulness practices to ground yourself in the present moment and alleviate symptoms.

Explore holistic approaches to anxiety recovery, including lifestyle adjustments and self-care routines.

Connect with peers and professionals who offer support, encouragement, and understanding.

Develop personalised strategies to confront and overcome anxiety-related challenges in a safe and nurturing environment.

Fully guided and Research-driven

Anxiety Recovery pathway
A journey that goes far beyond a typical relaxing vacation or retreat.
Total price*

€ 4970

Includes your accommodation, all meals and participation in all sessions, workshops and classes we organise.
** minimum 14 nights commitment needed,
to help you gather long lasting well being
This therapeutic pathways is meticulously crafted to offer a profound exploration of mindfulness, self-discovery, and long lasting well-being.
An international team of specialists at New Life Portugal collaborates to curate personalised therapeutic care pathways that address your specific needs and goals.
We understand that each individual journey is unique, often driven by specific personal needs and aspirations. Guests come to us seeking more than just a getaway or retreat; they seek a real, long lasting, transformative experience.
We combine the benefits of meditation, yoga, and nature immersion with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and counselling to address your specific physical and emotional needs.
Fully guided and Research-driven


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