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The Centre

Centre Elements

An integrative approach, we combine yoga, meditation, nature, workshops, nourishing meals, therapies, counselling and a tranquil environment. These elements encourage our guests to adopt a more conscious and health-conscious way of life

Our workshops provide additional avenues for growth and self-discovery. Dive into our psycho-educational workshops, designed to impart valuable insights and knowledge, or immerse yourself in our experiential workshops for hands-on learning and personal transformation.
As part of your transformative journey, you’ll find a blend of Integrative Therapies and Spa & Wellness treatments. Our Integrative therapies focus on developing the resources you need for sustainable inner well-being, with professional counsellors and life coaches guiding you in your journey with 1:1 sessions.
We strive to empower you with tools and insights that facilitate long-lasting transformation. We offer a wide spectrum of wellbeing, physical, evening, weekend, cultural, nature, and sports activities, each thoughtfully designed and carefully curated to complement your transformative journey at New Life Portugal.

Area & surroundings

Area & surroundings

The beauty of the surrounding natural environment is a restorative force in itself, providing you with the perfect setting to nurture your inner world.

Practice meditation and yoga as you gaze out over our valley, or
pamper yourself with a sauna or massage. Venture further and enjoy all the outdoor activities in the surrounding region.

"Some moments of inner peace is what I needed the most"
Quote by Sarah Losana

Guest rooms

At New Life Portugal, every room has its own tranquillity and peace of mind vibe. They are welcoming sanctuaries that invite you to go both inside and outside.

Respite and solitude. Connection and conviviality.

At New Life Portugal, you don’t have to choose between elemental parts of what makes us human. With nature right on your doorstep, you will rest in the rhythms of the Portuguese countryside, surrounded by sunshine, birdsong and exquisite views.

Mindful cuisine

During your stay, enjoy tasty and beneficial meals containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low GI foods, and probiotics. We serve minimal processed foods.

Located in the Serra Da Estrela Natural Park, a certified UNESCO Global Geoparks site

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