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Grief Recovery

28+ nights

Grief is a profound emotional response to loss, whether it’s the passing of a loved one or a significant life change.

It feels like navigating a storm, with waves of sadness, anger, and confusion crashing against our hearts. These experiences can evoke challenging emotions and resistance to change.Feeling stuck in the absence of the old normal, grief is a messy and nonlinear process without a predetermined timeline for healing.

Yet, within its depths lies the potential for growth and transformation, a testament to the depth of human connections.With time, support, therapy, and self-compassion, grief can lead to understanding, acceptance, resilience, and newfound meaning
Main benefits

Navigate the complex emotions of grief with support and understanding

Find solace and acceptance in a compassionate and nurturing environment

Develop coping strategies to manage the ups and downs

Foster resilience and inner strength to move forward with life

Discover newfound meaning and purpose

Cultivate self-compassion and acceptance

Connect with others who have experienced similar losses

Pathway Highlights

Engage in therapy sessions tailored to address the unique challenges and emotions of grief.

Participate in support groups to connect with others who are navigating similar experiences.

Explore mindfulness and self-care practices to promote emotional well-being and acceptance.

Receive guidance and support from a highly trained team experienced in grief recovery.

Embrace the transformative potential of grief as a catalyst for personal growth and integration.

Begin your transformational journey

Grief Recovery pathway
A journey that goes far beyond a typical relaxing vacation or retreat.
Total price*

€ 8946

Includes your accommodation, all meals and participation in all sessions, workshops and classes we organise.
** minimum 28 nights commitment needed,
to help you gather long lasting well being
This therapeutic pathways is meticulously crafted to offer a profound exploration of mindfulness, self-discovery, and long lasting well-being.
An international team of specialists at New Life Portugal collaborates to curate personalised therapeutic care pathways that address your specific needs and goals.
We understand that each individual journey is unique, often driven by specific personal needs and aspirations. Guests come to us seeking more than just a getaway or retreat; they seek a real, long lasting, transformative experience.
We combine the benefits of meditation, yoga, and nature immersion with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and counselling to address your specific physical and emotional needs.
Fully guided and Research-driven


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At New Life Portugal we love to listen and learn from the people who made their journey with us. Each person and story is unique, some of them love to share their experience.

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