The Centre

Centre Elements

Fosters a sense of deep connection

An integrative approach, we combine yoga, meditation, nature, workshops, nourishing meals, therapies, counselling and a tranquil environment. These elements encourage our guests to adopt a more conscious and health-conscious way of life

Our workshops provide additional avenues for growth and self-discovery. Dive into our psycho-educational workshops, designed to impart valuable insights and knowledge, or immerse yourself in our experiential workshops for hands-on learning and personal transformation.
As part of your transformative journey, you’ll find a blend of Integrative Therapies and Spa & Wellness treatments. Our Integrative therapies focus on developing the resources you need for sustainable inner well-being, with professional counsellors and life coaches guiding you in your journey with 1:1 sessions.
We strive to empower you with tools and insights that facilitate long-lasting transformation. We offer a wide spectrum of wellbeing, physical, evening, weekend, cultural, nature, and sports activities, each thoughtfully designed and carefully curated to complement your transformative journey at New Life Portugal.
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