Weekly Schedule

Weekly schedule overview

Get an idea of how a week at New Life can be filled-in

When your with us, you will find a detailed schedule on a weekly base on the notice board at the entrance to the lounge, below is an example.

All is included for any Therapeutic Pathway

Is the weekly schedule mandatory?

No, every journey is personal and has it’s own specific needs at a specific time. The team will, together with you, guide you towards your ideal pace and journey. A newly updated weekly schedule can be found on our website one week in advance or at the notice board in the entrance to the lounge area.

Can I download the current accurate schedule?

Yes, here on our website you can always download the previous week and current week schedule using the buttons below.

Example of a weekly schedule

If you want to know more about a element of the schedule, you can tap or click it for more information.

*Tip – swipe left or right in the schedule to reveal more