Learn, grow, and nurture wellbeing

We help you identify your goals and build the skills to get there.

What are Personal Development and Wellbeing?

Personal development refers to how we want to grow as a person and the objectives we set to become more fulfilled. It is a lifelong process of self-improvement in areas such as self-awareness, self-love and compassion, raising confidence, building resilience, becoming better at communicating, nurturing more fulfilling relationships, or any other skills and qualities that are important to you.

Personal growth can foster greater wellbeing. If our emotional, mental, or physical wellbeing is lacking it can limit our ability to show up in life for ourselves and the people that are important to us. It can also hold us back and make us struggle to achieve the personal and professional goals that matter most to us.

No matter what your goals are, New Life Portugal is the perfect place to start taking steps towards achieving them. Get in touch to let us know where you want to be in your life, and we can start talking about how to get you there.


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Marco was going through a difficult time in his life. At New Life, he found the peace and quiet he needed to think, new skills to engage with life in more mindful ways, and a surprising joy from connecting with the community.

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Axel decided to take a break to address personal and professional issues. At New Life, he learned a number of tools and healthy coping mechanisms to take back home with him and found new supportive and lasting friendships.

Which Path is Right for You?

Our Resilience Path

Work with a professional counsellor to identify what’s missing and what you’re really longing for. Take the time to build up tools and resources for helping you fulfil your potential. Be supported in your efforts with daily practice sessions and stimulating workshops and group activities. Transform your life and nurture truly sustainable wellbeing with a full holistic reset.

Our Wellness Path

If you already have a sense of what you’d like to achieve but would like some practical guidance on how to get there, our life coaches and somatic trainers will help you reach your goals with a customised plan and targeted one-on-one sessions. You’ll also be able to focus on self-care and relaxation with outdoor activities, nature excursions, and full use of our excellent wellness facilities.

Our Rest + Rejuvenate Path

Take a week to relax and immerse yourself in everything that our mindful community has to offer. Join daily mindfulness, yoga, and meditation sessions and nurture personal growth through group activities and workshops. Therapeutic massage, sauna, healthy food, and reconnecting with nature round out your perfect refreshing getaway.

How can New Life help?

I came to New Life because I’ve been trying to come to terms with issues in my personal and professional life. I am leaving now with a number of tools I can use in my daily life. I am very grateful for having been here and being part of a great community.