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Owners Jh Bolck & LE Wijdenbosch
– Private Practice –
Outpatient > Singel 60, 1015AB Amsterdam, Netherlands
t: +31(0) 202445292

  • Primary Care Centers and clinics

Counseling Amsterdam

  • Anxiety  - 
  • Burn out  - 
  • Depression  - 
  • Trauma


Louis and Jeannette combine the best practices of Psychology and Psycho-Motor Therapy (PMT) and topsports into personalized road maps. We do this for both couple therapy, teams at work, groups (working on a special theme, burnout , female mental health or resillience) eand individual trajectories. Clients will find support both physically and mentally and find balance in life. Not just like any other “mind-body approach! The body and mind principle from martial arts is central. Mens sana corpore sana … .

With our Mind-Body approach we constantly explores the interaction between your body and mind, so we can create lasting effects. With our concept we establish an innovative framework for an integral way of working and thinking about the psychosomatic body (Brain & Body) in sessions. In doing so, we have learned from the wealth of existing therapies and including their insights in our sessions, but also by contrasting these with current scientific theories and research findings.

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