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Managing Director Mr. Freijzer
– Primary Care Unit –
Inpatient > Ulicotenseweg 54-56, 2328 Meerle

– Secondary Care Unit –

Outpatient > Tools C&M The Netherlands – Wildenborgstraat 46, 4834 PJ Breda

  • Primary Care Centers and clinics

Den Rooy Clinics – Benelux

  • Addiction  - 
  • Burn out  - 
  • Depression  - 
  • Detox  - 
  • Secondary Care


Den Rooy Clinics is a private clinical care unit, with detox facilities, where you can recover from addiction or depression, in an oasis of peace with premium service and utmost discretion. Very high-quality and distinctive therapy programs, tailored to your personal requirements and in line with your wishes. With a maximum capacity of 10 clients. Situated on our private domain, Den Rooy Clinics guarantees professional competence, respect, and discretion, as your needs are met. Den Rooy offers as well outpatient after care and family care via group and individual.

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