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Our Team

Deeply involved with your well-being

Our experienced team of experts in counselling, therapy, mindfulness, health, hospitality, and more are active members of our community. They are deeply committed to the central values and ideals of our mission.

Maria João Cunhal

Care Manager

Defined by her humanity. Registered Europsy Psychologist in the Clinical and Health Education field, she has been practicing Psychology for 24 years …

Frederico Quelhas


Frederico studied Psychology at Universidade da Beira Interior, having a master degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. He worked at São João …

Inês Capela


Inês conducted research in Portugal and Spain, developing mental health interventions and programs while investigating the effectiveness of those …

Teresa Ranieri

Mindfulness Teacher

Teresa has been a meditation practitioner since 1988. She has extensive training and experience in mindfulness, and holds a Master’s degree in Teaching …

Danielle Hutchinson

Wellness Professional

Our esteemed Wellness Professional, hails from Manchester, England. With a passion for holistic well-being, Danielle specialises in yoga instruction for individuals of all ages.

Kavous Hematian

Wellness Professional

Kavous has worked in luxury hotels and cruise ships as a wellness practitioner (Personal trainer , Yoga and Pilates instructor and holistic therapist) for …

Joana Melo

Massage Therapist

Joana specialises in traditional Chinese medicine. Trained at the Portuguese Institute of Naturology in Coimbra, she has extensive experience in acupuncture …

Carina Sousa

Massage Therapist

Carina has been a massage therapist since 2016, specialized in Deep Tissue Massage, also known as sports massage. She has been an athlete since she …

Cristiano Almeida

Guest Services Manager

Cristiano is the New Life Portugal’s Guest Services Manager. Born in Seia and passionate about the Serra da Estrela, his goal has always been to stay in …

Adriana Monteiro

Guest Services Officer

Born and raised in Gouveia, a small and local city located in the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela. She has a degree, finished in 2018, in Tourism and Leisure …

Joāo Paulo Brochado

Guest Services Officer

João is a young man who has been passionate about hospitality and serving well for as long as he can remember. From a very young age he became involved …

Patrícia Moura


Originally from Lisbon, after working in London for several years she brings care expertise and housekeeping experience to New Life Portugal.



Vasco is the driver at New Life Portugal. Born in Porto and raised in Gouveia, he appreciates  all the surroundings of the Natural Park and its history.

Ana Figueiras

Senior Farmer

It brings Ana great joy to care for the gardens and the farm at New Life Portugal. Raised in the Alentejo region of Portugal, she graduated with a degree …

Sebastien Parein


Sebastien works as Farmer at New Life Portugal. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and has worked for more than twenty years …

Hugo Loureiro


Hugo is a 35 years old man, born in Rio Torto, municipality of Gouveia. Since he was a Little boy, he has always a open mind to acquire knowledge in …


Night Vigilant

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Carlos Silva

Senior Chef

Carlos, hailing from Serra da Estrela, developed a deep appreciation for the region’s local products, and he endeavours to incorporate them into his daily …

César Simões


Some of César’s favourite childhood memories are of helping his grandmother in the kitchen. She was an excellent cook, and these joyful times awakened …

Ana Carvalho


Ana was born and raised in Barcelos, in the north of Portugal, and has a great love for her city of birth. Yet, she always knew that her destiny lay elsewhere …

Susana Clemente


Born in Linhares da Beira, land she is so proud of and loves so much. Since she was a child she has been surrounded by friends and family who …

Hugo Silva


In Switzerland Hugo learned all his love for cooking and worked for many years in the kitchen improving his skills. In recent years he decided to …

David Oliveira


David is 18 years old and he lives in the nearby village of Figueiró da Serra. When he was 17 years old he decided to start working for New Life Portugal so that …

Luís Cunhal

Managing Director

The Managing Director at New Life Portugal. Born and raised in Seia, he is passionate about his hometown and the surrounding mountains. Luís graduated …

Maria Inês Lourenço

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer at New Life Portugal. Maria has a background in accounting and taxation and her responsibilities include daily accounting, producing …

Our staff have shaped our organization.

The commitment of our team to their own growth and personal integrity and willingness to share their stories with the community has resulted in a culture where empathy, respect and understanding are felt by all.