Anxiety recovery

Start believing in yourself.

We'll help you write a compassionate new narrative for yourself.

We have developed key pathways to help all our guests work on their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, vital if you’re looking for ways to better live with anxiety. Mindful living promotes health and helps you live with purpose and in the present moment, making it ideal for controlling feelings of anxiety.

We give you access to skilled emotional support to help you not only recognize the situations that make you feel most anxious, but to also arm you with some practical tools, such as having a good nights’ sleep, exercise, eating a balanced and healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and smoking.

In some cases, anxiety symptoms feel simply like a passing sensation of nerves or worry. At the more extreme, symptoms of anxiety can feel more intense and even debilitating, and they can manifest in physical (f.e. an increased heart rate, tingling, hyperventilation, dizziness, etc.), psychological (f.e. health fear, desire to escape, etc.), and behavioural (f.e. avoidance).
What is anxiety?
Does constant worrying interfere with your daily life? Are you often overcome by panic? Do you struggle with a low mood that you can’t shake off? You may be suffering from anxiety or depression, two mental health conditions that often occur together.

Symptoms of anxiety can include uncontrollable feelings of fear, doom, or self-consciousness, dizziness, tension headaches, nausea, or heart palpitations.

Depression is characterised by persistent feelings of worthlessness, sadness, and the inability to enjoy life. You may feel as if you have no purpose. You may be struggling with insomnia, lack of energy, isolation, or restlessness.

You’re not alone. Get in touch to find out how our highly trained team and research-based program for anxiety and depression can help you.
We are here to help you learn.

How can New Life help?

Research indicates that mindfulness-based interventions, meditation, and yoga can help alleviate the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. In our programs, you’ll be able to access all these forms of support in the one package for your best chance at recovery.
Our team encourage you to step back so that you can see your symptoms as something you're ‘experiencing’, and not who you are. We'll support you in finding meaning in your experience and accessing your inner strengths. Ultimately, we'll help you write a compassionate new narrative for yourself.
Focused workshop topics and weekly themes such as ‘Flexibility and Perspectives’, ‘Non-Judgmental Acceptance’, and ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ help to jumpstart your personal growth. You’ll develop new insights and learn useful skills to ease your depression or anxiety.
You'll have the chance to share your story and hear from others going through similar experiences. Exercise, quiet time, routine, nutritious food, being in nature, and lots of opportunities to practise showing up in new ways all work together to restore your nervous system to health.

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