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At New Life we aim for as much life balance and breathing space as possible thanks to our massive focus on mindful living.

We aim for as much life balance and breathing space as possible thanks to our massive focus on mindful living. Part of escaping the pressure of everyday life are exercises, eating a balanced diet, having a good night’s sleep, and avoiding (late night) technology use. Our trained professionals help you with the art of meditation and mindfulness and provide counselling and coaching.

Stress can very quickly result in a burnout and its associated fatigue and exhaustion. Following feelings can be considered as symptoms; you’ve become negative or overly critical, have extreme fatigue, lack concentration and productivity, you miss job satisfaction, have trouble sleeping, don’t take care of yourself or avoid socialising.

The more modern phenomenon of Zoom fatigue is worth mentioning too. A product of the work-from-home culture forced by the Covid-19 pandemic; we’re spending more time sitting in front of a video call, have less social contacts outside work and move less.
What is Burnout?
Stress is a normal and healthy response to threats and danger. Our body has a survival system that kickstarts the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These allow us to be fully alert and deal with whatever threat or danger we’re facing.

Stress is caused by pressure. When your nervous system perceives everyday pressures – professional, social, or otherwise – as stressful, this can lead you to operate in constant survival mode. If the stress becomes chronic it takes a toll on your physical and mental health. It begins making you sick instead of helping you stay alive.

Have you noticed your overall well being decreasing significantly? Do you feel drained and emotionally exhausted? Has your outlook on life and feelings about the future become negative? Do you feel unproductive and even dread what you used to enjoy? These are all signs you’re suffering from severe stress. If it becomes too much to handle and you can’t cope anymore, it’s called ‘burnout’.
We are here to help you learn.

How can New Life help?

Studies suggest that mindfulness-based interventions can help reduce stress and burnout. At New Life, all our programs include group yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes facilitated by trained instructors to help support your recovery.
Our counsellors and life coaches can help you explore the underlying reasons for the pressures you’ve been struggling with, identify the resources you need to address your challenges, and create a personalised plan to create a better balance in your life.
As you rest and recuperate, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight into the dynamics that caused your stress and burnout and learn how to avoid them with self-development workshops and community practice themes such as ‘Body Awareness’, ‘Flexibility and Perspective’, and ‘Boundaries and Relationships’.
All our programs allow for plenty of quiet time, reconnecting with nature, and activities to support self-care and relaxation such as sauna, therapeutic massage, swimming, cycling, hiking, and a wide range of options from our Wellness Menu.

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