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Struggling with a major life change?

How do we adjust to a life transition?

Life transitions are part of being human. Some have a bigger and more painful impact on us than others. Moving house, changing careers, losing a job, becoming a parent, a severe illness or accident, the end of a relationship are all events that can profoundly affect on our lives.

These challenging experiences can bring up difficult thoughts and emotions. You may resist and reject the change in your life. You may feel stuck because the old normal doesn’t exist anymore but you’re unable to find a way to adjust to the new reality. What’s important is to create space and pay attention. How do you feel? In what ways does the major change you’re experiencing affect your relationship with yourself, others, and the world?

Get in touch to find out how our highly trained team and research-based program(s) can help get you through your time of upheaval, so you can have a hopeful new beginning.
So what is the key to change and how can we help?
Change is something that is inevitable in life, we can’t avoid it, and yet often we find ourselves feeling resistant to it, or experiencing some difficult emotions which change can bring up.
This resistance to change is a very natural and normal part of our makeup, it is part of of our survival instinct. Predictability and stability are more favourable conditions for staying alive, and so we become hard wired for safety and security. So change can bring up a lot of uncertainty, it can feel disruptive and difficult to embrace or accept. Change can also be difficult to accept and embrace, because it can mean a loss of something that came before.

Well, the first step in dealing with change, is awareness. You cannot change or influence something if you don’t first become aware of where you are in relation to that which you want.
We help you accept change

To help you move forward

Research suggests that exercise, meditation and yoga can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, both of which are often linked with stressful life events. All our programs include group mindful movement, yoga, and meditation sessions. You can also opt to be a part of our small group wellness sessions for more intensive benefits.
Our retreat-like setting and excellent wellness facilities allow you to focus fully on healing and self-care. In our Reset & Rejuvenate and Reconnect & Heal programs, our professional counsellors and life coaches can help you process your emotions, make meaning of your experience, and prepare for what's next.
Workshop topics and weekly themes such as ‘Gratitude and Generosity’, 'Wonder and Awe', and ‘Transitions’ equip you with the tools and resources you need for accepting and embracing change and accessing your inner resources of self-compassion, courage, and resilience.
Sharing your experiences with others going through similar feelings of disruption can provide invaluable support, helping you feel less alone and better able to re-envision your path forward. Through daily practice, you'll learn to integrate our community resources to support your personal growth.

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