Psycho-educational workshops

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We combine psychological principles with educational techniques to provide you with knowledge and skills to better understand and cope with mental wellbeing issues, emotional challenges, or behavioral concerns.

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Psycho-educational workshops

Process Group

This workshop’s intention is to promote more than an intellectual understanding, it aims to promote possible ways of integrating the concepts and practices in the guests daily lives.

Anatomy of Happiness

In this interactive and dynamic workshop, we’ll explore happiness from a fresh perspective.

Intro to Mindfulness

A workshop about creating a deeper understanding of this quite popular construct called Mindfulness which refers to focus, awareness, insight, attitude, and presence.

Life Transitions

Accepting transitions is not always an easy process, it requires understanding of the transition process and its effect on the individual.

Living with Awareness

It will help to integrate the qualities of the formal practices into everyday life and navigate daily challenges with wisdom.

Intro to the Theme of the week

An opportunity to deconstruct the meaning of our themes and enhance curiosity and reflection.