The Centre


Well nurtured

As part of your transformative journey, you’ll find a blend of Integrative Therapies and Spa & Wellness treatments. Our Integrative therapies focus on developing the resources you need for sustainable inner well-being, with professional counsellors and life coaches guiding you in your journey with 1:1 sessions.
Our counsellors and life coaches are prepared to help you develop the resources you need to support your goals into the future. They do this by skill-fully using our 1:1 sessions or guiding you on how to utilise our community life, programming and interdisciplinary team so you can have a full experience on sustainable wellbeing.
All aimed at enhancing your well-being, we collaborate with diverse therapists, including Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists certified by the Portuguese Institute of Naturology of Coimbra. Their expertise includes acupuncture, auriculotherapy, emotional kinesiology, physiotherapy, and aromatherapy. We also offer various massages like tui na, shiatsu, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, relaxation massages and more.