What we offer

Our counsellors and life coaches are skilled at utilising the community experience and our programming to support you

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Therapy center embraces


Psycho-educational and body-mind workshops as part of your program.


Mentoring sessions are a private One to One session with our Mindfulness Teacher to provide personal guidance on the New Life Programme.

Life coaching

Reset and realign your life in the direction of your vision.


We have specialised training and experience in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities.

Conversations and peace

You are the most important

Combine your escape from society and daily challenges with good conversations and depth. Visit our therapy center where you can talk with coaches and get more out of life.

Combine your retreat with the knowledge of our coaches.

Other facilities

Discover our other facilities and learn more about your stay at New Life Portugal. Enjoy our wellness, living room and meditation hall.

Reset your mind

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