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We are the ideal place if you wish to work on personal development and wellbeing, are looking for help with stress, burnout, depression, or anxiety.

Also, people who have completed primary care for addiction and wish to do addiction aftercare or relapse-prevention work are welcome.

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Feeling unsure?

Designed to build inner peace – Are you having a hard time? You are not alone. Our life coach and counsellors provide advice and discreet, personal support.
Have you noticed your overall well being decreasing significantly? Do you feel drained and emotionally exhausted? Do you feel unproductive and even dread what you used to enjoy? These are all signs you’re suffering from severe stress. Time for Stress recovery.
Anxiety recovery. Sharing your experiences with others going through similar feelings of loss and disruption can provide invaluable support, helping you feel less alone and better able to re-envision your path forward.
Looking depression recovery? You’re not alone. Get in touch to find out how our highly trained team and research-based program for anxiety and depression can help you.

Would you like to learn

more about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or living in a mindful community or just take a relaxing break in a peaceful environment where you can nurture your wellbeing and learn about self-care.

You are at the right place.

“Just be Here” Stay

Escape the hustle and reconnect with yourself at New Life Portugal. Choose our “Just be Here” stay, offering a minimum 2-night retreat with a room, full board, and access to our facilities.

Tailor your experience with optional add-ons and a la carte options. Embrace simplicity, autonomy, and the freedom to design your own getaway.

Experience tranquility