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We are located in the Serra Da Estrela Natural Park. The beauty of the surrounding natural environment is a restorative force in itself, providing you with the perfect setting to enjoy lots of activities.
Enjoy the local culture and discover what Portugal has to offer. Learn more about the towns in the area and the wonderful nature.
Being creative is something that is very relaxing for the mind. We have several activities that will interest you.
Nature brings peace to body and mind. Our resort is located in one of the most beautiful areas Portugal has to offer.
Sport is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. Enjoy the nature around you during some original activities.
It is well known that animals can make people feel better mentally. We have various activities with animals available for guests.
Enjoy all the local delicacies that we grow in our resort and that you can find in the nature around New Life Portugal.
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Winter Serenity