Counseling Amsterdam

Counseling Amsterdam, established in 2002 in the heart of Amsterdam by Psychologist Jeannette Bolck. Louis Wijdenbosch became the joint partner in 2014 when the integrated Body and Mind Approach became full focus. Louis and Jeannette Have expertise in applying their intergrated treatment of burn out, anxiety, trauma, relationships, depression,women mental health and hormonal effects on the brain and body.

Den Rooy Clinics – Benelux

Our focus lies on the similarities of our treatment areas, namely burnout, dependency and depression. Relapse is the main common factor here. Regular treatments are often too short and not personally adapted. At Den Rooy Clinics we offer permanent support where necessary, taking into account the personal circumstances.

Castle Craig Hospital (UK / The Netherlands / Scandinavia)

Established in 1988 by Peter and Dr Margaret McCann, Castle Craig is a residential rehab, complete with medically managed detox centre, that treats people who suffer from addiction and depression. Started in Scotland, today Castle Craig is widely spread in Europe, ie in Scadinavia, The Netherlands, Ireland and UK. Castle craig offers in patient care as well as after care, outpatient.