A unique centre

Our diverse international team offers personalised pathways, integrating support, therapeutic approaches, and expert counseling. Discover an exclusive fusion of meditation, yoga, mindfulness and immersive nature experiences within our nurturing community, set amidst tranquil natural landscapes.

Your Path to Lasting Well-Being

It’s all about your inner needs

Begin your transformative journey at New Life Portugal.
Our mindful insight centre offers personalised therapeutic pathways designed to promote long-lasting well-being.

We combine mindfulness practices, expert guidance, and a supportive environment to help you overcome stress, anxiety, and other life challenges. Rediscover peace, clarity, and a healthier you at New Life Portugal.

Personalised Support from the Start of your journey

At New Life Portugal, we understand the importance of taking the first step towards well-being. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

We offer a smooth intake process and a personalised consultation to tailor a program designed specifically for your needs. There’s no waiting list, so you can begin your transformative journey immediately.

A Supportive environment for Growth

You’re not alone in your journey towards well-being. You’ll find a warm and welcoming community of individuals on a similar path.

Our team of experts will listen attentively to your story and offer compassionate guidance. We foster an environment that empowers self-leadership, equipping you with the tools to navigate past challenges and regain control of your life.

Uncovering the Root Causes for Lasting Transformation

Stress, anxiety, and emotional burdens often stem from deeper causes. At New Life Portugal, we take an integrative approach that goes beyond symptom relief. We work with you to uncover the root causes of your challenges and address them effectively.

With self-discovery and a deeper understanding of your thoughts and patterns, you can break free from limiting beliefs and create lasting transformation.

Meet the team

An enriching environment

A place where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Integrative therapies, nature immersion, and expert guidance for a healthier you.

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Why choose New Life Portugal

An international team of specialists at New Life Portugal collaborates to curate personalised therapeutic care pathways that address your specific needs and goals.

We understand that each individual journey is unique, often driven by specific personal needs and aspirations. Guests come to us seeking more than just a getaway or retreat; they seek a real, long lasting, transformative experience.

We combine the benefits of meditation, yoga, and nature immersion with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and counselling to address your specific physical and emotional needs.

You are at the right place.

Therapeutic pathways

Feeling unsure?


Weekend retreats

Come and visit us for a weekend. Enjoy exploration, practice, and growth.

Enhance your journey with some special workshops, speakers, … or activities that serve your intention.

There are currently no upcoming weekend retreats.

Personal stories


People from all the world visited New Life Portugal.
Some of them we’re willing to share their story.

Being there
for you

If you’re looking to reduce stress, heal from burnout, or find help for anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, or compulsive behaviours, … we can help.

Our therapeutic pathways are specifically designed to provide our guest with one needs. They offer a daily structured schedule with a wide range of therapeutic elements rarely found all in one place with the benefit of being in nature, and a supportive community.

Your Path to Lasting Well-Being,
a personalised journey.

Cofinanciado por
Cofinanciado por

Project designation | Bringing New Life to Serra da Estrela – Portugal
Project code | POCI-02-0853-FEDER-047584
Main objective | Strengthening the Competitiveness of SMEs
Intervention region | center
Beneficiary entity | New Life Portugal, S.A.

Approval date | 22-12-2020
Start date | 02-04-2020
Completion date | 31-03-2022
Total eligible cost | 3.518.698,45 EUR
European Union financial support | FEDER – 1.143.577,00 EUR

The project consists of the introduction of a disruptive tourism concept in Portugal, focused on a fast growing niche, they offer support for people in burnout (Health Tourism), contributing to the sustainability and economic dynamism of one of the poorest and most decertified regions of the country.