How to recover from burnout and build a sustainable life

Recovering from burnout is a journey that begins with acceptance of where you are. You might be so overwhelmed that you can’t imagine what life on the other side of the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion you are feeling looks like. And that’s ok. Just know that you can recover, and this state of being […]

How to treat Emotional and Mental Exhaustion

Stress is more dangerous and takes a bigger toll on one’s overall health than most people can imagine – especially if it accumulates or becomes chronic. If you are feeling like you are worn-out or running on empty you find yourself utterly depleted even though you’ve only made it halfway through your day are you […]

Managing and Supporting Mental Health At Work

The buzz phrase “mental health at work” and the discussion around it highlights one of the paradoxes of our time. The numbers are alarming – more about that in a minute – and we need them to even begin to grasp the scope of the problem, understand the bigger picture and find effective solutions for […]

How to Prevent Employee Burnout

What is burnout? The World Health Organization defines burnout as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that’s characterized by feelings of exhaustion or energy depletion, negative or cynical feelings related to a job, and reduced professional efficacy. Burnout has been a hot topic in the workplace for the last few years and has incredibly grown during […]

Mindfulness for Work Stress and Burnout

Faced with seemingly never ending to-do lists, jam-packed meeting schedules and a multitude of responsibilities, the world of work can be a breeding ground for stress. Then add a pandemic into the mix, with all of its Zoom meetings, at-home distractions and missed social interaction, and things can feel even trickier still. Let the stresses […]

Zoom Fatigue and Burnout: A Guide & How to Manage it

Rewind a year and for most of us,  ‘zoom’ was nothing more than a camera function. But thanks to a year stuck at home, Zoom (along with Teams, Google Meet, Facetime and the myriad other video conferencing applications out there) has become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives.  For the most part, these virtual […]